Lake Mjosa wastewater pipeline

7 km sewage pipeline, butt fusioned into one single length. Full-length sinking operation. Max depth 270 m. Olex monitoring of sinking.

The new HDPE wastewater pipeline runs from Brastad to Rambekk purification plant. The 7 km pipeline was installed down to a maximum depth of 270 m. Besides the pipe installation with butt fusion and weighting, the work have also incuded land connections, trenching and under water blasting  plus onshore trench work. A 5.5 km marine subsea cable was installed at the same time.

Facts and figures

  • Maximum depth 270 m.
  • Wastewater pipe Ø400 mm PE100 SDR 7.4, length 6585 m
  • Marine fiber cable length 5500 m
  • Pipe Ø160 mm PE100 SDR11, length 190 m